Health and safety considerations are always on our minds here at Verify Diagnostics. Recently it has become clear that a wide variety of institutions and businesses will need to adopt some form of COVID-19 testing to ensure the safety of workers and customers alike. 

Here are the steps that the workplace should consider to protect people, products and profits!

STEP 1: Have a COVID-19 policy and plan in place 

Your policy should explain clearly what you are doing and how you are handling suspected and confirmed cases.  

BEST PRACTICE: Do more than just write an update to your policy, verbally and visually communicate the policy and plan to your employees.

STEP 2: Have a testing solution in place 

You will need to screen staff with the appropriate screening criteria and rapid test(s) in order to identify and manage risk.  

BEST PRACTICE: Use authorized tests and qualified trained health-care professionals who understand the infection cycle and can properly screen for risks.

STEP 3: Plan for disruptions

Make sure that you have a plan in place to manage infections/outbreaks and work-from-home programs.

BEST PRACTICE: Look at plans that have worked for other companies and industries and adopt them to support your workplace.

Always follow the guidance and recommendations of public health authorities in your area. 

Consumers and clients tend to feel more comfortable engaging with a workplace where there is a COVID plan of action in place. By taking proactive action and clearly communicating your plan to your employees and clients you are being a responsible business owner and helping to keep our economy running.