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With accuracy comparable to laboratory screening and with easy-to-read colour-coded test strips, VeriCheck provides a variety of industries with a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced laboratory-based services.

Chematics Inc. is a biotechnology manufacturing company that develops novel in-vitro diagnostic testing solutions that indicate early or onset abnormal health issues. Their objective is to facilitate its client base with a range of innovative products that are simple to use, high quality and available to the end consumer at a competitive price. Chematics Inc. strives for continuous improvement of its products that are manufactured in its ISO 13485:2003 Certified facilities.
The OraSure family of companies is a leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests, sample collection and stabilization devices, and molecular services solutions designed to discover and detect critical medical conditions.

OraSure’s portfolio of products is sold globally to clinical laboratories, hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, public health and community-based organizations, research institutions, government agencies, pharma, commercial entities and direct to consumers.

Abbott is a globally diversified healthcare company with a central purpose to help people live their healthiest possible lives. They offer a broad portfolio of market-leading products that align with favorable long-term healthcare trends in both developed and developing markets.
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We are expanding the Make A Baby into the US market place by diversifying our sales distribution model to include multiple online sales channels improving consumer access to our product line. Make a Baby will continue to expand into similar markets such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Make a Baby products will be marketed to domestic and international hospital networks and fertility programmes under the VeriCheck® brand.

PAS Intl
PAS is a leader in professional drug & breath alcohol testing technology for Law Enforcement, Work Place Testing, Schools, and Corrections. PAS Systems International focuses on innovative technology that make accurate breath alcohol testing easy and affordable.
For over 30 years, Lifeloc Technologies has been a global leader in breath alcohol testing technology. From its U.S. headquarters, Lifeloc designs, engineers and manufactures precision, fuel cell based, breath alcohol testing equipment for professional and personal use. We offer a complete line of Portable Breath Alcohol Testers (PBTs) and Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) for use by law enforcement, corrections, schools and in the workplace. Lifeloc is your single source for alcohol testing equipment, drug screening supplies and education.
Established in 2001, AK GlobalTech has grown to become a market leader in the advancement of breath alcohol technologies throughout North and South America, and throughout the world.

AK GlobalTech is a full-service breathalyzer company, providing calibration, repair, distribution and retail services, as well as development and integration of advanced testing applications. The company’s goal is to contribute to a national network of safety procedures and protocols for the prevention of alcohol-related incidents both in and out of the workplace.

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For 15 years, BACtrack has created accurate breathalyzers for consumers, businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement. Our customers trust us to offer the best in convenient, affordable, reliable blood-alcohol testing.

BACtrack is now sold in 25 countries.

Oranoxis is a biotechnology company specialized in the development and manufacture of quantitative and qualitative immunoassays for the detection of drugs of abuse in saliva. Our aim is to provide practical and convenient solutions to improve societal safety and an individual’s quality of life. We strive to design easy, accurate, and sensitive immunoassays for your testing purposes.

Oranoxis™ is a FDA registered medical device manufacturer and is ISO 13485:2016 certified by NSF International.