We offer alcohol testing solutions for both screening and evidential confirmation testing.

We carry a variety of high-quality alcohol tests and devices that can analyze oral fluid, urine and breath samples. Our on-site solutions include: ASDs (Approved Screening Devices), EBTs (Evidential Breath Testers) and urinalysis devices.

Whatever your budget, we have a solution for you.


PAS International
Alcovisor Breathalyzer

With 20 years of knowledge and experience, PAS manufactures Platinum Electrochemical Fuel Cells & Alcohol Sensors that are integrated into a variety of instrument designs and applications.

Their high quality devices come with many cutting edge features including a 3.2″ touch-screen display with 56,000 colours, a 10,000 test memory, a USB connection and a wireless thermal printer. Their cost and value is un-matched in the industry.



LifeLoc Technologies

LifeLoc Technologies produces a high quality, sensitive, accurate line up of fuel cell based breathalyzers that are recognized for their precision and ease-of-use for both personal and professional application. Their product line also includes PBTs (Portable Breath Alcohol Testers) as well as EBTs (Evidential Breath Testers) used in law enforcement, corrections, workplace and institutional settings.
To compliment their line of personal and professional breath alcohol testers, they also provide screening supplies, alcohol testing equipment as well as education.



Prevention of fatalities due to drunk driving is a national and social priority. It is imperative that precision and accuracy are built into breathalyzers that read a person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Dräger professional breathalyzer devices are developed with Law Enforcement, DOT (Department Of Transportation) and Criminal Justice applications as focus for their products.

In the court of law, evidential results are crucial especially when under scrutiny. A breathalyzer can assist with providing results quickly and accurately in judicial application.



Alco-Screen 02 Oral Fluid Alcohol Test

The Alco-Screen 02 is a very simple and cost effective product to quickly screen for the presence of alcohol. This non-invasive DOT approved test works by detecting alcohol above 0.02% BAC, with a simple positive or negative result.

The test takes only 4 minutes and is very easy-to-use.


Express Diagnostics

DrugCheck Urine Alcohol Test

This one-time use test will detect the presence of alcohol in a urine sample. The test strip will change from a neutral colour to a distinct colour if alcohol is present over the cut-off level of 0.04 BAC. This test is intended for professional and/or forensic use only.


Orasure Technologies

Q.E.D. A-150 Oral Fluid Alcohol Tests

This very easy to use, oral fluid test provides you with an approximate, semi-quantitative BAC level within two minutes. The Q.E.D. A-150 is DOT approved as a screening device and offers accuracy equivalent to laboratory blood analysis.