BD Veritor™ Plus COVID-19 Testing System

verify diagnostics bd veritor covid

Fast, simple and adapts to your workflow

The BD Veritor™ Plus System is an easy-to-use rapid test device that allows you to quickly direct patients to the appropriate care pathway. Available SARS-CoV-2, Flu A+B, Group A Strep and RSV assays make it a versatile go-to respiratory tract infection diagnostic tool that allows you to bring laboratory level testing to the patients who count on you for care.



BD Veritor verify diagnostics

Portability lets you take testing to patients

  • Easy operation and one-button functionality
  • Cordless, researchable Analyzer allows the device to be taken to various authorized testing locations
BD Veritor verify diagnostics

Small, easy-to-use swab for simple sample collection

  • Mid-nasal (1-inch) insertion for less-invasive testing
  • Dual nares collection sample
  • 15-second sample preparation
BD Veritor verify diagnostics

Fast, reliable results give you answers in real-time

  • Displays easy-to-read digital results for COVID-19 in 15 minutes
  • Records results on secured internal drive
  • Advanced particle technology helps improve test performance compared to visual read testing
BD Veritor verify diagnostics

Two workflow modes for testing that fits your needs

  • Analyze Now mode: Test device is inserted after incubation time is complete, allowing batches of samples to be tested (results in seconds)
  • Walk Away mode: Test device is inserted immediately into the Analyzer, so staff can multi-task while sample incubates (results in 15 minutes)