For companies looking to get started with alcohol testing, purchasing an Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) device (especially for multiple technicians) is a significant investment. Many companies may be tempted to use a non-EBT device because of the lower cost, but only an EBT device can be relied upon to provide accurate and legally defensible alcohol test results–protecting employers, TPAs, and collectors from potential litigation.


Alcovisor Mercury EBT

To help meet the needs of small businesses and collectors, Verify Diagnostics offers the best value of any Evidential Breath Tester: the Alcovisor Mercury EBT.

With a vibrant touchscreen display and a 10,000 test memory, the DOT-approved Alcovisor Mercury is ½ the price of comparable models, offering you unparalleled functionality and affordability.


Alcovisor Mercury EBT + Calibration Kit

For those getting started or for those who need a complete turnkey system, the Alcovisor Mercury EBT + Calibration Kit gives you all the equipment you need to start performing evidential breath testing, including:

  • Alcovisor Mercury EBT Kit, with Bluetooth wireless printer, rugged plastic case, nylon pouch & belt loop, car power adapter, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • 34L dry gas cylinder with regulator for calibrations and accuracy tests
  • DOT alcohol testing forms (100)
  • Non-DOT alcohol testing forms (100)
  • Tamper-evident tape
  • 100 mouthpieces

Making it Happen with Leasing Plans and Extended Warranties

Our 1- or 2-year lease-to-own plans are perfect for any business or collector looking to start alcohol testing. With regular low monthly payments, it is easy to get started and begin alcohol testing without having to worry about a large initial investment.

Plus, our Alcovisor Mercury Canadian Warranty Program covers both parts and labour for your Alcovisor Mercury EBT, empowering you to protect your investment for up to 3 years. If something happens to your device, we’ll loan you a EBT and ship it overnight so you can get right back to testing while yours is being serviced.

To learn more about the Alcovisor line of EBTs and our leasing and extended warranty plans, ask your sales representative or call us toll free at (866) 446-2953.